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Hmmm.... I don't think you'd be unhappy with any of those bikes...

However, based on my very limited experience with the F650GS I would say that it's probably not going to be a big enough change from what you currently have to be worth it. Plenty of info about it on this site I'm sure. Compared to your DR650 it's maybe a bit heavier, has more available factory accessories (like ABS, etc), probably a bit better on paved roads. Gas mileage is probably comparable (say 60ish mpg?). IMHO it's kinda expensive for what it is - those that own them will probably disagree ;-)

I currently own a V-Strom 650 and love it, so obviously it gets my vote. Based on your criteria it would be a good fit. More power than the BMW. Definitely lots better on paved roads than your DR650, probably a fair bit worse in the dirt. Plenty of aftermarket goodies. Good commuter, smooth, fun to ride on pavement, not so much fun in loose offroad conditions (at least for a noob like me). Reported mileage varies quite a lot - I don't spend much time on the highway, don't do a whole lot of stop and go driving, and get low to mid 50's mpg. Good bang for the buck.

Truimph Tiger - dunno about that one. I like the looks, have read mostly good things about them. Has 'character'. More power, heavier, probably the lowest fuel economy, probably the worst in the dirt (I'm sure there is plenty of info on this bike here). Most expensive of the bunch (bike cost + insurance).
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