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Finally rode one

Funny, but i had read a lot of the not so great reviews and was expecting a dog when I test rode one. Quite the opposite. I took one for a 30 minute demo ride - assorted rodes and even the highway. It had the off-road pipes - this would be a "must-have" - sounded great. I thought it pulled hard right from the get-go and had no problem keeping up with the crowd. It did not knock me off the seat at 75 and actually felt comfortable. I was sold immediately. I was picking up my 06 Husky TE 610 at the dealer and was ready to trade it in on the Scrambler - not really. Anyway, I fell in love with this bike and have it on my list for the fall. Not sure how it would do in an off-road environment but who cares - it looks cool.
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