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Originally Posted by Gernick
One thing about the clutch is the friction zone is rather narrow and near the release point on the clutch lever. I keep forgeting about this. And keep stalling and doing that embarassing what way is it going to fall over paniced leg spread.

As for the cruiser fad, I doubt it. I constantly hear people asking me why I didn't buy a Harley. Thats all there is around here. A few Goldwings and a handful of crotch rockets. It gets kinda dull looking at other bikes. Oh look, a Harley. And another. And another.

The first ride I took the Scrambler out on was the Top Gun Charity Ride here in Atlanta. This is the first ride like it I have done in years, typical Harley Fest with HD being 90% of the turn out. A friend talked me into joining her and her friends for lunch then the ride. Man did I feel out of place!

Just before the event started people were walking around the cookie cutter choppers to see the bike and try to figure out just what in the hell it was. I was fielding questions for a good 30 minutes. It is also funny to hear some of the comments by people who "think" they know what it is.
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