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Originally Posted by danger_dave
Pipes are not an issue - unless you are doing some very extreme, fast, nuts half way up the petrol tank hammering. IE not generally what you would buy the bike for.

Normal to hard out riding - no heat, no issues other than minor interference in the standing position.

I don't think they look that bad either.
The Scrambler is a Hoot....We bought two...(of course I got the TORS!!!) and The Big Boo had my solo seat cut down...fits fine.

Big Boo had his on dirt last night and that was just 4 weeks after having total right knee replacement...

You've done a great job evaluating this bike....fact is, until the other brands catch up, the Scrambler owns it's own niche.....trying to "fit" it into what other bikes are just really doesn't work....

A bike that makes you grin silly while you ride it...that has people staring at and wondering what the heck, them smiling too....that takes you pretty much whereever you want to go, turns on a dime, accelerates a breeze to ride....yeah....not much to like there!!!!!!!!

And now I now get to buy a whole new wardrobe!!!! Davida helmet and Aviator goggles...looking for a classic red and white leather suit!!!!

Ride On...


Boo (Michelle)
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