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Just arrived on Vancouver,WA

Okay, the Cassiar has only about 40 miles of dirt. What is that all about? Now everyone will start using it! There is some sweet paved stretches around Bell 2.

We ran from Whitehorse to Iskut - saw fox, coyote, and no bear. Great road - about 20 mi. of dirt before Dease Lake and 10 after with misc. stretches of dirt. Ran into a couple of groups of adventure riders. Most had heard about the D2D. Two guys on Harleys were running up to Deadhorse from Key West. Had to get there and back in 30 days. They had raised $110K for MS by getting pledges per mile... pretty cool. Were not worried about paint jobs - cosmetic can be fixed.

We came across a family of 4 brown bears and 7 black bear btw Iskut and Prince George. One blackie was half way up a tree. Yeah, there is video footage. Saw a Black fox and a couple of shaggy reddish ones. We then set up camp in the rain in P.George and hit the showers.

Prior to bed we gave a call to sis and the in-laws. Found out we had a family emergency on hand - Mrs. USxGS's grandma was in the hospital and it was not looking good (aggressive C of lungs - not even a smoker!). So, we have to get Gina down to Southern Ca. ASAP.

So, as Sheryl Crow says, Everyday is a windy road...
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