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I love Vermont. Period. This weekend I went on a small ride to scout trails and roads for riding later this season. This report is pretty brief, but as I scout more areas to ride I plan to add to it. Any VT riders out there feel free to add your photos, routes, attractions and anything else you can think of to this report.

Saturday's ride was primarily in Orange County, VT. Near my home base with a mixture of paved and dirt roads including some unmaintained town roads and logging roads. And a couple places I probably shouldn't have been, but hey there weren't any signs...

I'll begin with a picture of my trusty steed, the 2005 Suzuki DR650 with a beautiful farm in the background. My photo really doesn't do the scene justice, as the view from this corner is always spectacular.

I thought I would start off by zigzagging around the area and bag a few shots of local landmarks and then hit some trails.

Just down the street from the above photo is the Flint Bridge, the oldest remaining covered bridge in Tunbridge, VT, built in 1847.

From here I doubled back up over the hill to head up to a trail I wanted to check out. Unfortunately, about halfway down the dirt road leading to the trail I wanted to explore was a rather aggressive Pit Bull-type beast that came out of nowhere and was very interested in motorcycles. Needless to say I had to do some flat-tracking back down the hill in order to escape harms way. Guess I'll check that trail next trip...

One, two, six, and I'm back heading down the other side of the hill to come to the Larkin Bridge, built in 1902 for the sum of $473.23. I'd say they got their moneys worth so far...

As a kid, when we were at camp for the summer we would come down to bathe underneath this bridge. Bring the Ivory soap... it floats.

I next hopped on the slab and headed down to the village to snap a shot of the Mill Bridge. The current Mill Bridge is, I believe, the third or even fourth one in its place. The previous bridges had been taken out by ice jams and floods.

One of my favorite things about the Mill Bridge is this sign.

Right down the street from this bridge I figured I better stop and take a picture of this sign.

Now, those of you who already know what the World's Fair is all about are ok in my book. The rest of you don't know what you're missing. Needless to say, I'll be there, as I am every year. And I won't be on the bike. If you are looking for me I'll be in the beer hall or shooting dice with Jim.

One more bridge crossing and it was time to head for the hills. Below is the Howe bridge, built in 1879.

I wandered my way back on the dirt roads towards the unmaintained roads and trails I originally set out to scout.


The first section I needed to check was exactly as I had remembered it. About 10 miles of the above from start to finish. No hero sections taken today, as I never know where I'll end up... alone.

Stopped a few times and saw some moose tracks. And deer and just about everything else...

Hooked up with the main dirt roads again for a mile or so to connect with my next section. Passed the old water barrel on the way.

Whenever my well runs dry I end up coming here with my umpteen gallon jugs to load up every day or so. And in the summer when it is so damn hot you can scream I've been know to drive down just to stick my head in it.

And up the trail we go...

Stopped off here to pay my respects. Some really old dead folks in here. The oldest headstones were so covered in moss, etc. you couldn't even read them.

Fast forward about ten miles of roads/trails like the one above and there are some crossroads. The local snowmobile clubs are kind enough to keep a privy out there. Fortunately, I didn't have to go. I got enough snakes and shit to deal with at my cabin. Plus, with my luck there would be some skeleton with a snowsuit down around his ankles in there...

Anyways, few pics from here on. I know, I should have taken more. I had the camera in the pack, so I only got it out when I was stopped or really wanted to take a pic. Miles and miles of great back roads... which brought me back to my place.

Dinner was rice and beans and tofu dogs over the fire with a couple Long Trails to chase 'em down. No pics though... ate 'em before I remembered to get the camera out.

Anyways, thanks for coming along for the ride. Was only about 75 miles total, 1/3 slab, 1/3 dirt roads, and 1/3 trails. A perfect day for riding in Vermont.

Again, feel free to add to this thread on riding in Vermont. I will be as my travels continue.
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