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what do you do after ya got screwed????

Originally Posted by displacedandbikeless

Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't mean to rehash any old issues. It's just that I got a screw inmy rear tire on Saturday and have been frustrated by my current inability to deal with it efficiently. I certainly need to gain experience removing tires and patching tubes, but that's not something I ever had to do before.

BTW, what is a 'safety bead' and how does it differ from a normal bead?

Thanks again.
well,,if it were tubeless,,all ya need to do is:

1.. remove the screw

2,,prep screw-hole and plug

3,,apply cement to plug,,insert,,remove tool,,,and cut off excess plug

4,,drive to first place you can remove the plug and have a T-patch installed

5,,continue til your next incident that is plugable

6,,if not plugable,,,i e any hole too big for a plug,,, go to plan B and dismount wheel tire et al and install that spare tube you've been carting around,,,

7,,at earliest convenience, install a T-patch to fix the hole in your tire or else that hole will be wanting to chew a new hole in your tube

last but not least the safety bead is that little ridge,,unless ya own a KTM in which case it IS the biggest ridge that your tire has to jump over in order to seat on the bead,,this ridge helps tires from popping/sliding off the bead when you have a loss of air pressure,,,it was mainly used in tubeless applications but has of late been used universally for the same reason,,,

sweet dreams,,,woody
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