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Hey Eagle,

I have been involved in geocaching for about three years now. I have a geocache located on named "Glenrock Journey" that references 3 seperate Oregon Trail waypoints. One point is the location of Martin Ringo's grave (speculated as the father of Johnny Ringo). Another location is the "Rock in the Glen" a place somewhat similar to "Independence Rock" but much less famous! There is also another waypoint that is a gravesite along the Oregon Trail that is included in the geocache. We recently just visited a geocache near Casper that is named "Reshaw Bridge", this is a briidge that was used to cross the North Platte river before getting to Fort Caspar (note the different spelling, this was Caspar Collins true name). We have been to there is also another cahce at Independence Rock in the past couple of years. We have also visited geocaches at Guernsey WY where the trail ruts are 3- 4' deep in the sandstone.
I can send you actual coordinates or if you visit the geocaching website you can find them yourself, its free and we have really enjoyed geocaching. I am new to adventure riding (as it is on this website) but I fell that geocaching and adventure riding will dovetail very nicely together. let me know if you need more information
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