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BigDog & Gaspipe Do The TransAm Trail West

I suppose it was inevitable.

Several years ago, I bought the maps from Sam, and started riding the eastern sections of the TranAm Trail on a regular basis as a 'warmup' for other rides. Over the past few years, much of the TN and MS parts have been chipsealed (and ruined) - something that pisses me off, but progress has it's way of moving forward irregardless.

The western states have long intruigued me, but responsibilities and work made exploration impossible. Until now. The rat race caught up, and I decided it's time to lighten the load of responsibility.

I sold my businesses.

[ring] [ring]

"Hey Gaspipe, ya wanna ride the western states of the TransAm Trail?"

"Yeah, OK. I'm in."

It was that simple.

There were a few other dudes expressing interest, but life's hurdels precluded any other participants. No biggy, as BigDog and I are pretty used to traveling alone anyway. Two works well - faster and logistically easier anyway.

Both of use had trodden up and down the eastern states, so we decided to meet up at the Arkansas/Oklahoma border, and pick up where we'd each left off on previous rides. The closest civilization was Siloam Springs, and that's where we 'holed up', readying for 3,500 miles of Sam Correro's best of the west.

Thank doG the rain came the night before, the dust was horrific - a harbinger of things to come.

The cheapo motel has some sort of 'theme' thing going on. Somehow, we got the "TallyHo!" room

And that was how Day Zero happened - June 1st. We're outta here at 0-dawn-thirty.

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