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Day 1

O-Dark-Thirty found us ready to roll - but we had to stow BigDog's rig, and get some coffee and grub first. Watching Mark drive the 4x4 with Tec6's on was a treat

WTF My 276C was not digesting the data well.....Mark spent painstaking hours converting Sam's data into GPS data using his patented 5" Buffalo Map Condenser. In a random fit of idiocy, I loaded it into my 276 using MapSource 7.0 - while Mark programmed it all in 6.0. It was useless....This created what could be a bad scene, as now we have no backup data.

Problem? Nope. No hay problema. Just adds to the adventure

We headed south to the starting point - a place where each of us had stopped prior at the conclusion of Arkansas.

Mark is riding an '06 Husky TE610 - a bike that's all but unproven to date, but Mark has it well sorted out. I'm on a modified XR650R. It was quite obvious we each put a good deal of time into prepping the bikes for the ride. 3,500 miles of isolated territory tends to warrant such a thing.

The previous night's storms quickly provide us some obstacles in the form of fallen trees, shrouded in poison ivy. Yeah baby!

Although there were some additional riders that had expressed an interest in the ride, by crunch time, there was just Mark and I.

C'est la vie.

We'd each been thinking of a name for this ride - something unusual to really personalize this ride. In an unusually picturesque river crossing, Mark and I ran into a particularly pretty young lady and her friend - and his dog.

He was an ex-MX racer, and was intruigued with our endeavor. We explained that there was but two of us, the others unable to commit, and he declared the ride as 'tahlequah'.

Yup. It means something.

After the Trail of Tears, the Indian tribal elders were to meet upon this very spot to decide the future. Only two of the three elders came, and "two is enough" was decided - and that word is "tahlequa".

Perfect. How fitting.

Eastern Oklahoma sure reminds me of western Arkansas. But that'll change all too soon. But for now, run, terrapin, run....!!!!

This ride is ON!

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