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Before long, the curves all became 90 degree angles, the agricultural roads layed out in a simple one mile grid pattern.

Long, straight roads. But at least there's some elevation change still lingering on, allowing for some nice views.

The Osage Indian Reservation took us through some beautiful forests and swampland.

Fuel was a concern for the Husky - it only carried 3.4 gallons. The Honda was fitted up with a Acerbis 6+ gallon behemoth, so fuel wasn't a concern so much for it - but the fella with the least range dictates the course. And that's how we managed the fuel - by the Husky's range.

There are plenty of hills and obscure roads in northern Oklahoma in that Osage reservation. It was utterly devoid of humans, and just to our liking.

I skipped a fuel stop, thinking to myself "why do I want to carry all this fuel all the time?" Well, in these remote areas, it's best to just to do like you do in other countries. Fill up when you can. I almost ran out of gas on the first day

I could just imagine this place a hundred years ago. Cimmaron!

Eventually, the sun grew swollen and fat, sinking to the western horizon. We need to be thinking about shelter.

We approached the town of Newkirk, got gas, and decided to get some grub. The Stagecoach BBQ is highly recommended. Friendly service, great food. We stuffed ourselves, and elected to get a motel for the night.

A wonky wheel bearing was re-adjusted....

And the 'waffle stomp' shower laundry set out to dry. You hard cores know what that's all about.

Day one ends, about 280 miles under our belts for the day - a big chunk of Oklahoma already chewed off the ride.

--more coming up--
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