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Tahlequah........Two Is Enough

Talequah---the Indian word for "Two is Enough".......... as GasPipe said this is the name of our ride.

My GPS showed 3,442 miles from the Arkansas/Oklahoma border to Port Orford Oregon-------between 1 and 2 percent were paved....I was amazed.

Here is a rough map of our route.

This is where the ride ended for me in 2004 at the Oklahoma/Arkansas border, Too Tall (Larry Taylor), Kevin Sweet, and VStromRunner (Joe Hart)---the beemers had bailed before we got here.

The bikes would never look like this for quite awhile.

Our rear tires will be toast by the time we hit Moab, Utah. Our plan is to have Fred at Arrowhead motorsports waiting there--tire irons in hand with our tires of choice for a quick tire change and maybe an oil change and filter cleaning. GasPipe owns a tent---I've heard, but I don't expect him to bring it as he will be traveling extremely light.

The Husky is all packed too. This was an exercise in not what to take--but what "not" to take.

As me and the Pipe are traveling extremely light--bulk and weight are our enemy.
Reducing Sam Correro's wonderful maps to navigate the trail to a mere fraction of the weight and size they were has become a simple operation for me after years of development---I present to you....Patent Pending 9374021-42-56-1347
The 5" Buffalo--- "Map Condenser"

It was years in development---I made it from simple items purchased at the local "Dobbs Bargain Town" and "Big Lots"---I tried using 110volts, but had to upgrade to 220--no internet connection required.

The final results.....sorry for the blurry thumbnail image.
It weighs a fraction of the original and is 1,500th of it's previous size.

The final brief facts for the ride were

3,442 miles
5 flat tires (all GasPipes)
An invasion of Billions of giant alien crickets
5 high passes that were socked in with snow and we had to re-route.
Many stopped up toilets---as the "Turd Police" were on our tail the whole ride
Rain, sleet, snow, hail, washed out roads
Temps from 29 degrees to almost 100
Zero-----yes I said Zero bike breakdowns--amazing !!
Almost everyday---we saw absolutely nobody on the trail. It's a lonely trail--the doo-rag crowd would have had nobody to look at them.

And oh yes---we detoured down to Crater lake which had 15ft. of snow everywhere---but they had plowed it open just 4 days before we got there---I never thought I'd live to see Crater Lake---the snow made it more beautiful than ever. The top 3 things in my life that have made my mouth just drop open in awe are: Grand Canyon--Copper Canyon--Crater Lake.
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