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Adventure Tank

This is my first attempt to submit a message to the thread. But here goes. Yesterday I installed the Adventure tank I received from Hammersley. I was shocked to find out about Frank's tragic accident. I don't know the details but it sure reminds us how dangerous it is out there. Anyway here is the scoop on my bike. 2005 R12 GS, wire spoke wheels, Jesse bags, Touratech tank bag with side panniers, Air Dams, CeeBailey tall and wide windshield, Garmin 396 with Xrad weather radar annd XM radio, Valentine detector. The only thing I want to add before setting off the Alaska to visit my daughter and son-in-law is a more comfortable seat.

Tank installation went pretty well. Had a bit of a difficult time figuring out the hardware. Having access to lots of aircraft hardware didn't hurt. Total time to install was 7 hours. But I usually take about three times as long as the average mechanic. Fuel guage seems to work fine. \

I took a number of pictures but seem to be able to attach only one. Maybe someone can tell me how to attach the rest of them.
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