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Originally Posted by Spanish Bob
Next time - do a search. third button from the right in orange that says search.

How long is a piece of string?

I dont mean to be rude, but have you any idea how many times tyre mileage questions get asked? 5000 for me also max but there are people here who can make them last millions of miles. fronts on average I get slightly less than 2 x that.

Too many variables, hard riding versus slow, high speed sections tend to de-knob knobblies.....its very hard to say you yourself will be your best gauge.
Did 2 searches - First, TKC80 - Second TKC80 Mileage

Came up with 1,000 threads, none of which answered my question.

Next time - just ignore me - - that will take even less of your obviously precious time.

Sincerely sorry to have wasted it.............

Oh yea - and thanks for your answer, it does help.
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