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Originally Posted by Mike D
Did 2 searches - First, TKC80 - Second TKC80 Mileage

Came up with 1,000 threads, none of which answered my question.

Next time - just ignore me - - that will take even less of your obviously precious time.

Sincerely sorry to have wasted it.............

Oh yea - and thanks for your answer, it does help.
My time isnt precious.

if you searched and found nothing then somebody should take the search engine and shoot it.

Also be careful of tyre pressures under inflation on road with TKCs means low mileage for sure.

If you do very high speeds (100+) the tyre will be a slick quick. Apart from high speed the tyre is very sensitive to acceleration and braking. That doesn´t mean ride slow, just that the knobs deform and cup with speed changes and the front for me at 8000miles for me is a random show of lumps.

Also if slab means straights they dont last long. If slab includes lots of bends they can last as long as a tourance, anakee or longer.

I find them very good in the wet and they warm up quite quickly.
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