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Originally Posted by Rad
Hi Mike

Search'n sometimes works and sometimes sucks, don't worry about ask'n. If we never asked the same questions again on this site we would have run out of topics 3 years ago

TKC life, there are some who will swear they get 5K +, I ran a lot of sets and I never did. After 1,500-2,000 the rear was no longer any good for dirt. I could run another 1,000 or so after that, but why. I bought a second set of wheels and mounted TKC's on one set and Tourances on the other. Took me about 15 min to switch 'um.

BTW, this was on an 1150 gs

If you have never run a set you should try them, they are a very nice tire dual sport tire. Good grip on the road and ok in the dirt if ya watch yur front traction in corners..
I'll second this...

Max for me has been 3k, several times...and that's all she had to give.

I love the tire, but it doesn't make $ sense running many miles on road. Like Rad said, do try a set - impressive.
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