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The Story Continues.......Part Two!

Day 4: Sorting Tech Bulletins and Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning….

Well, got up for a nice early start this morning and browsed the ‘tinternet’ for an hour and made lots of phone calls to find out all I could about what tech bulletins needed doing to her. Found a whole list of bulletins that included the following:
  1. Clutch Update
  2. Brake Disk Torque
  3. Cylinder Head Collar Nuts
  4. Swingarm Bolt
  5. Oil Non-Return Valve, Clutch Rod Jet & Carb Vent Hoses
  6. Fuel Hose Protection
  7. Ignition Rotor
  8. Water Pump Shaft
  9. Fuel Pump vent-pipe.
After reading all the bulletins I decided to identify what had been done and do all the others that had'nt or that didn't apply.
  1. Clutch update – Not done as far as I know so I will tear this appart sometime and see what needs doing.
  2. Brake Disk Torque – Easy one, torque them as specified with loctite.
  3. Cylinder Head Collar Nuts – I have receipts for the head collar nut job and identified that it had indeed been carried out, well there is washers under the nuts anyway.
  4. Swing arm pivot bolt – I understand that this was only the really early bikes and only a small batch of bolts. Since mine is stuck I will just inspect it and make sure it is in good shape once I have got it out. If not I will replace it with a new one.
  5. Oil non-return valve – Done, the hose has been replaced and it has the new style clips on it to prevent the clip splitting the pipe. Clutch rod jet – Also looks like this has been replaced with the right one. Carb vent hoses – Not done so I will get the hose, drill the airbox as instructed and fit the new lines.
  6. Fuel hose protecton – I can’t see that this is a major advantage so long as you route the hoses saefely and such that they are not going to get trapped anywhere! Probably leave this one.
  7. Ignition Rotor – This is a must regardless of whether it has been done before or not. I will get the parts to do this one, including some loctite 648! I’l have to do this with the bike on the sidestand so it’s the last jobon the list.
  8. Water pump shaft – Have a receipt for a full water pump rebuild including shaft etc so this is good.
  9. Fuel pump vent pipe – Checked this out as stated in the bulletin and sure enough it was not in great shaped and appeared to be kinked a little. I am going to get some new silicon hose and replace this at the same time as doing to carb vent hoses.
Right, now I had identified all this little lot, time to trott off and see a mate to borrow a big hammer and make a tool to get the swing arm spindle out without damaging it.

I started with this

And then ended up using this !!

Here is the tool I made so that I did'nt damage the spindle. It was a long bolt from the local Lexus Dealer that had a 19mm head on it. I had it ground to the right diameter and the end turned nice and flat, and borrowed the big hammer (Thanks to Chuck at Sewell Lexus of Fort Worth for the above).

It’s out! It was only the plastic coating on it that was making it so tight (and it was very tight!), it was parting company with the pin making the diameter bigger which was making it so diffacult to remove. Good news is that the pin is stainless and shown no signs of wear or damage at all so no need to buy a new one, I guess its got the right one in it (ref. tech bulletin #4). Just cleaned the spindle up with a bit of Emery to smoothe the roughness of:

While the swing arm was out I stripped it down and started to get it all cleaned up.

First thing I noticed while stripping it down was that it was full of water so I got all that drailed out, no need to be carrying extra weight about, they are heavy enough already!

There was about a pint of water came out !!!! I wonder if it was all the way from Virginia Steve?!? It'd make a good spare fuel tank, I think I might look into this one!

Once I got all the water out, I could still hear a load of racket inside ( ) so I spent a few minutes investigating and dragged the following out.......

The bearings and seals were given a thorough inspection and appeared to be in perfect condition, they just needed re-packing with grease.

Look at this, bearings, seals and races are like new

Got them re-packed with grease and back in place.

I was dissapointed with the finish on the swing arm, there seemed to be some corrosion on it or the coating was breaking up.

Anyway, I put some effort into it and ‘would you look at that!’ it came out like a new one!

I then cleaned all the plastic bits so they look black again ready to build it all back up. While I was in cleaning mode I took the chain and front sprocket off and gave those a good clean too.

Assembled the swing arm back together with only the necessary parts. I left the chaingaurd off and going to leave to front sprocket cover off too so that I can clean that area properly without removing the cover all the time (horrible grime builds up behind it and although you can't see it......I know its there ).

Removed the top tripple clamp and drilled out the one way bolts for the ignition barrel ready to install into my new emig racing clamps that’ll be here in a couple of days.

I also removed the steering stem and checked the bearings out. Surprisingly enough they had grease in there. I will clean the bearings up and check the races and if they need replacing, replace them, if not just re-pack them with grease.

Then came the wheels, eeeeuuuu they were grafted! I removed the cush drive and cleaned that up then set to at the wheels.

Before and After:

The disks are stainless steel but they too were in a bit of a state. I decided to remove them since I would have the re-torque them and loctite the bolts as stated in the tech bulletin. Whilst they were off I gave them the Pyndon treatment and out came a set of disks that looked like new. Now, I know I have ordered some floating disks, however they are not going to be here until my wheels arrive so I will have to use these for now.

Before and after:

The grime on the wheels looked like it had been there for a year and was about 1mm thick in places! Elbow grease sorted it all out and I got the hubs, spokes and rims all polished up and waxed. Got the old metal polish to the spokes and managed to get rid of all that nasty corrosion, they look like new. Assembled the wheels all back together and here they are, like new.

My hands are very sore after the days cleaning effort but I’m making progress and starting to get more excited about getting it all back together. Seems to be moving on nicely.

Right now, out for an Italian tonight…..and some beer of course! Back tomorrow……………………….

Oh yeah, I also got a used Renazco seat after posting a WTB on the Flea Market. Save me having to wait for a new one and I get to keep the stock one for off-roading .

Day 5: Started piecing it back together….and more cleaning!

Started to day by cleaning the clutch slave cylinder. Seemed to be quite corroded inside there since water had been getting in. So I cleaned it all up, greased it all to help prevent corrosion and then applied a small amount of sealant assembly as I re-installed it. This should help keep the water out in the future.

Before anf after:

Going to have to replace that vent's not to my liking!

Cleaned the entire engine, battery box and frame etc. ready to start building the bike back up. This was hard work but it looks a lot better than it did, it’s all surprisingly nice under all the crud!

Next up was the rear brake, and as with the front this too had no lubrication whatsoever and was pretty dirty. So I stripped it all down, cleaned it, lubed it up, applied anti-seeze compound to the pins and built it back up again.

A bit of inti-seeze on the swing arm spindle:

And off she goes back in and opperates smooth at silk now. Chain, sprocket rear brake back on at the same time. Looks loads better now, just waiting for the rear shock and then I can put the wheel in.

Cleaned the oil tank up and got that ready to install but befofe I do that I need to get some hose for the fuel pump vent. Tank install will have to wait for now.

Washed the Remus silencers and removed all the tar that was stuck on them that had been flicked up from the rear tire and all the chain lube from the chain. The stainless was badly marked and has lots of spots of corrosion of some type on it. I scrubbed and scrubbed with a load of metal polish and got them looking like new. It’s hard work but I know once your on top of stuff like this, if you clean your bike regularly and thoroughly it will stay nice, so it will all be worth it.

Stripped the rear sub-frame down and gave it a good clean and the plastic a good restore.

Also removed the link pipe for the silencers and that was grafted just like the header pipes so I gave it a good clean and a polish while I was at it.

The old before and after again :

That’s it, sorry if this posts has not been very technical but the cleaning had to be done sometime! I’ve kinda run out of things to do right now, just waiting for parts. I need the carb vent hose before I can re-install the carbs, the fuel pump vent hose before I can re-install the oil tank and the new triple clamps before I can fit those, ready to receive the front forks (which I have also yet to receive!). I am hoping to get all of this stuff this week so that I get the story finished next weekend with some nice pictures to compliment the job.

Well, on a different subject, I got a text message from a friend back home to tell me that England won their football game in the World Cup today. He said it like I knew they were playing but to be honest, I hate football and had totally forgotten about it . If it hasn’t got an engine or you can't it then what’s the point! Still, it’s good to know my home team are playing well.

Oh, yeah, also had an accident today, bike fell from its supports…..twice! Arrrgghh, it got me mad and a broken mirror..........a KTM folding one too!

Now if I was a superstitious type then that would mean bad luck right……..good job I’m not

Well, I'm extremely right now, I'll be back next weekend with more to report. I hope to get it finished then. Have to work this week to build up the bike fund's empty!

Asta la
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