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lowering your 640 the easy way...

Originally Posted by rjdills
Ok Woody, this might be a an odd question. I'm a relatively new owner of a KTM 640 Adventure, and it is too damn tall for me. I've worked with it long enough to know I'm not going to be happy with the height.

So I know about the lowering links, and I'll probably install those. I know that causes risk of slamming the rear tire into the fender, although I ride it on nothing more demanding than dirt roads. I bought it as littler option to my BMW 1150 GS.

I think the wheels are 19", although I have not measured them. Would building a smaller set of whells be an option?

I'm thinking a set of 18" wheels and lowering links would get it down to a height I would be happy with, and the smaller wheels would give me additional space before contact between the tire and fender.

your bike comes with a 21''front 18'' rear

check out post #2 in this thread,,,going to a 19''front 17 rear,,,lowers the bike circa 19mm/3/4'' on both wheels,,,hence your steering geometry is unaffected,,,you'll end up with enhanced braking,,,better handling on the road and in the curves plus lowerto the ground,,,,,it's the most highly loved mod we do on the LC-4s and 8s,,,you do give up some handling in the real dirt,,,the 21/18 combo works better on single track and rough stuff
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