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Hiya Komet...nice color.

The Ulysses is a fun bike but after recent experiences droning along on a freeway for several hours and taking it off road I decided it just wasn't the touring or off pavement bike I hoped it would be. I view it as a comfortable sportbike and realized I wasn't happy unless I was riding it as such. I was also getting weary of its minor issues as well as becoming concerned about some larger problems others have been reporting recently. I have a great dealership available to me [unlike many Buell owners] but it's a 350 mile round trip. I was getting a little tired of that as well. It was time to move on and try something else.

I decided to go for a "bulk" rotation of the stable, the goal of which was to end up with two bikes that appeal to my divergent tastes but were all-day comfortable. After hurting my back on a dual sport ride last fall, off pavement capability is less a factor than it used to be. I've got two good BMW dealers and 3-4 adequate H-D dealers within 100 miles so a trip for service is more an afternoon than an all-day event.

I traded the Ulysses in and sold my Dyna Superglide Sport to an individual....which just about paid for a new ElectraGlide Classic. I have finally come to grips with my inner Geezer Unless someone shows up and pays cash for my Dakar before Wednesday or Thursday when I pick up the GS, I'm taking advantage of my $500 BMW customer loyalty voucher and the resultant generous trade-in offer. The GS and the Geezer Glide should have me well covered, bike wise and the wife has her own F650GS when she wants to ride solo.

I've gotten a little bored riding locally and am ready to venture out now. As soon as I get my latest disc flare-up under control, I'll be hittin' the road and hope to finally make some gatherings.
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