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Trail Tech Vapor

I have this 96 KTM 400 RXC thatís got way to much money sunk into it, so I did the only logical thing, I put more in it.

The stock speedometer strives to be inaccurate but falls short. It would read about 40 mph when it should be readying 65 or 70. It had to go.

I decided to try the new trail tech Vapor system. It is very reasonably priced at $99.00 but I sprung for the aluminum holder, a good choice.

The kit came with everything needed for a 2000 and up KTM, unfortunately I had a 96. The first call to Trail Tech, they shipped the right sensor out, no charge with no hassle and apologized for the mistake.

The unit is nicely made. It reads water temperature, outside air temperature, speed and has a built in tach. Every thing I needed and a bunch of other functions.

The water sensing unit was the hardest to install. I found a good spot for in in between the backbone right behind the radiator.

The tach only needs to be wrapped around the spark plug wire 10 times. Cold shrink wrap tape to the rescue, this stuff is great.

I decided to tap and install a threaded allen bolt for the sensor on the front wheel.

The cable was easily attached to the brake cable and all is well. I used some of my favorite black cloth tape and its ready for action.

The instructions were very clear and I only found one mistake that was corrected on the installation sheet.

It took a couple of spacers to make it fit the bar mounts. I used a couple of valve stem nuts and drilled them out a bit.

The set up is so adaptable. You can set the tach for one or two stroke motors, and there are adjustments for about any timing combination you could find. My LC4 ended up being a spark every revolution? The water temperature has a max and then a warning temperature. You can also set it up to signal a shift point, and there is an over rev light too. I am about to go out and set the odometer with my GPS, when it cools off a bit this evening.

Great product and the service was great. Some one answered the phone every time I called, what a change.
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