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Day 6: Look what arrived today!!!!!

Well, got home from work and would you look at that, a box of tricks for Pyndon!………wonder what it is??

Can you tell what it is yet?!? If it’s what I think it is it will put a smile on my face for sure!
Yep, received my tripple clamps today (Thanks to Paige at Emig Racing). Very nice girl, knows exactly what she is talking about and tells you exactly how it is. "You’ll receive them on Tuesday she said" and low and behold here thay are on Tuesday…fantastic!

I went for the 20mm off-set for stability more than anything and a Revolution II damper to go with. I also got the super high (3¼") bar mounts since I very much like standing up and I am 6’4" tall (I even have 35mm risers in my CRF250R, this makes it much more comfortable for me).
The quality of the product is excellent, everything fitted together like a dream, no problems at all.

You get a new lower bearing with the 20mm offset tripple clamp set so I knocked the old one out of the frame to replace it with the new one. I got a punch to it….a couple of shots either side and it just fell out. The old bearings were in great shape, well gresed and not really warn at all. When I cleaned the bore ready for the new lower race to be installed I noticed why it fell out after a couple of hits, the bore was badly scored, machine scores.

When I looked at it closer, the machine has obviously booboo’d in the factory and taken a dirty great gouge out of the bearing bore. The bore was oval when I measured it, not good at all! It definitely was’nt wear so I took lots of pictures and am going to report it somehow to KTM. I am very dissapointed with this and cannot believe how the quality control in the factory let this one go! Nevertheless I installed the new one and found that at least the base part of the bore was just (and only just) supporting the bearing race so I should’nt have any problems, it has been ok for 12,000 miles anyway. You can see the gap in the following pictures. At the right hand side of the first picture!

I will definately keep my beady on it if I'm riding it heavy off-road, make sure the race doesn't crack or anything.

Greased the new bearings up.......

.......and slotted it all together like a glove.

Before and after:

Notice the black damper below (allbeit not fitted properly in picture), I thought a little touch of black would be a nice contrast since the bike is orange and black.

Well, next up was the carbs. I decided to strip them all down and give them a clean. I also knew that they needed richening up a little since the bike was at 3000ft before and I am much closer to sea level.

First thing I noticed was, to some what of a shock, the rear carb had no clip on the needle.........

I looked and looked and eventually found it sat in the base of the slide just trying to make it’s way into the engine!

STEVE!!!! Did you have anything to do with this?!? I'm sure it will run better with a clip on the needle, how it ran as smooth as it did was a mirracle, I can't wait to ride it now!

Anyway, I then established that the carbs still had the stock needles in so, I ran upstairs to get the Factory Pro Jet kit that I got with the bike and noticed that half of the stuff in the kit had not been used. Why buy a jet kit and leave half of the nice things you get in the box?

Anyway, changed the needles to the Titanium ones (and set them to where I think they need to be), richened the mains and the air screws a little and we’ll see where we go from there. I also replaced the standard float bowl screws with the stainless steel Allen screws you get in the Jet Kit.

I've just got the vent pipes to replace on the carbs now. I hope to get it dyno’d just as soon as I get everything done. Good news is that the carbs were spotless inside, no dirt whatsoever.

That’s it for today, time for some .

Tatafornow, Pyn.
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