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Wink GS - loose spokes

So I discovered 2 loose spokes last night on my front wheel. 1150 GS Adv. The wheel is slightly bent where it hit a monster pothole - when it had about 500 miles on the bike. Now it's at 6,000 and heading for a big week long dual sport trip this Saturday.

Any reason not to snug up the loose spokes before leaving?

How long do I lose my wheel for on a rebuild?

If the ding in the rim is minor (at least in appearance) does it get repaired or replaced generally?

Is there a stronger rim to replace the BMW one? If so is that a good idea? This ding was on a monster pothole at speed (filled with water - looked like a small puddle) and the stock wheels have held up to lots of offroad use. I do tend to ride this thing through stuff where I wonder why I don't use that perfectly good KLR sitting in the garage, and the wheels have otherwise survived.

How big of a deal is shipping? It would really be a shame if I had to ride out to Colorado but I'm guessing this is pretty well figured out.

Thanks for the input.
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