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...and more!

Now it's time to balance the wheel without the tire on it. This is done because there's always a heavy spot on a wheel, and tire manufacturers mark the light spot on their tires. Put the light spot of the tire adjacent to the heavy part of the wheel and you decrease the amount of weight needed to balance it.

This is the Parnes balancer resting on two jack stands. The cardboard under one stand is to level the balancer. I bought the BMW set of cones for the balancer and a "universal" cone so I can balance the wheels on any bike (BMWs, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc.).

Balance the wheel according to the instructions.

Hmmmm.... The heavy spot is really close to the valve stem! See the red dots on the Metzelers showing the lightest part of the tire?

I tap a couple of punch marks into the rim to mark the heavy spot:

Getting the rotation direction correct is easy with the GS wheels since the rim and tire are both marked. On the cast wheels the arrow on the tire goes on the rear wheel opposite the drive side, and the front wheel on the speedo side (left side of the wheels).

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