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tighten them spokes ASAP!!!!

[quote=OR Trail]So I discovered 2 loose spokes last night on my front wheel. 1150 GS Adv. The wheel is slightly bent where it hit a monster pothole - when it had about 500 miles on the bike. Now it's at 6,000 and heading for a big week long dual sport trip this Saturday.

Any reason not to snug up the loose spokes before leaving?

loosen 2 mm grub screw,,,tighten to match average pitch re -tighten grub screws...get wheel to me at earliest convenience to get it straightened and retrued,,,VISUALIZE how long you'll fire your shotgun if ya hold it loose to your cheek,,,,get it??? your spokes rims n nipples feel the same way when left loose

How long do I lose my wheel for on a rebuild?

a day or two when i'm there,,ill be back in denver 18 july,,get wheels there a few days before and my troops will have it all prepped and ready for me to do my magic

If the ding in the rim is minor (at least in appearance) does it get repaired or replaced generally?

the minor ding ALWAYS ends up being bigger than what you see once all the spokes are loosened!!!! ,,,the good news ,,,i've figured out how to straighten 95% of em

Is there a stronger rim to replace the BMW one? If so is that a good idea? This ding was on a monster pothole at speed (filled with water - looked like a small puddle) and the stock wheels have held up to lots of offroad use. I do tend to ride this thing through stuff where I wonder why I don't use that perfectly good KLR sitting in the garage, and the wheels have otherwise survived.

if you are doing lot's of off road work,,consider me lacing ya up a 21 rim aka HP-2/100G/s,,,x-laced,,,tubeless too!!!,,the guys that did that love them,,,cRash,,yellow pig,,Afekete

the oem x-laced wheels are generically very tough by virtue of their design,,we make em tougher using beefier spokes,,,,or by rebuilding em with liighter/tougher alloyed rims like Excel/Sun doing my Superlace using the MONZTER spokes n nipples...side benefit is that any good wheelsmith can then re-build/true the latter

How big of a deal is shipping? It would really be a shame if I had to ride out to Colorado but I'm guessing this is pretty well figured out.

we prefer ya ship it with tire on and a few pieces of cardboard taped to the sides,,,otherwise pack it REAL GOOD to avoid extra damage enroute...

if for some ungodly reason you have to drudge through colorful COLRADO to get to my door,,you'l leave considering your self blessed by the god's of fate,,,,'tis truly one of the best watering holes in the mid west,,,hot and cold beer n women n plenty of tall tales

Thanks for the input.[/quote
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