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Originally Posted by Jeff Munn
If this is so worthless that is has fallen to the bottom of the second page, maybe I should just delete it. Some have thought it worthy of a sticky. Moderators? Have you an opinion? Please let us know.
Hey Jeff,
This is most definitley Sticky material. Probably the most useful document
I've seen on ADVrider.

The problem, as I've complained about many times, is that there is really no
trip planning forum at ADVrider. This type of info really has no place given
the current set up.

The Upcoming forum is all about group rides and events with endless crap about where everyone is going to meet up on the first day. Useless.

The regional forums don't even have a Mexico or S. America section.

Its not a Ride Report, cause it hasn't happened yet.

So tell me.. where does this type of important travel information belong?

I've bitched and moaned about this for a year or so. The Mods don't care
or don't get it.

We NEED a Trip Planning forum. A place were solid and proven advice like
yours can be dissiminated, shared and added to. A place where travel questions can be answered and specific current info can be exchanged.

HU is good for this but is little used and is mostly European. HU is helpful and
Grant's site is great, but I think ADVrider could do something just as good.


I propose this Thread be moved....into a New Forum.
Trip Planning.
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