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Yesterday we spent the day crabbing. We only ended up with 3 legal ones and many -many small ones. Oh, yeah, I did get a real nice sun burn on the top of my feet. We (I) almost went swimming when one of our traps (mine) pulled a stake and drifted off shore. After stripping down and getting ready to dive in, I balked and opted for tossing the other crab ring out to try and hook the line (it was poly with a stick on it) that was floating 50 feet off shore. Third try we snagged it! Off to cook up the Crabs!

Later that night we went to the casino and I went down 50 and right at the end was dealt 2 aces and split them. Was handed another ace. Split. Another ace split. So in the end I had 5 aces, was only allowed to split 4. The dealer busted and I ended up only 10 down and walked away. Gina spent 18 in quarters and walked away with a 160 dollar pot...

One more day here and then we head to Bend. On the way I will hook up new rubber in Salem. Pictures are on the way...
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