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The Best Tools to Carry

I just want to ID what I think are a few of the best tools to add on any toolbox.

#1 the small 4" needle nose vise grips. These are the ultimate clamp, wire cutter, cable repair, universal open end tool. You can 'get by' using this over ten other tools. I've fixed a broken clutch cable and rode normally using these. I've fixed a broken shift lever by clamping this on to the remainder. You can clamp this on screwdrivers for more leverage. You can clamp broken parts back togather. Don't bother with other brands. Usually $9

#2 Malcom Smith (MS) brand 6-in-1 screwdriver. This looks like all the others, but Malcom had it made special. The sockets for the tips are 8 mm and 10 mm. Just right for most of the bolts. All other screw drivers have a 1/4" socket, not useful. It's only $10.
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