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Day 8: An evening after work!

Well, I left work early today to drive over to Dallas and collect my Suspension form Curtis at CTS. Unfortunately I could not get any 5.0 or 5.2 springs for the front so Iíve had to use the stock 4.8ís which I am not too happy about. I am looking at getting some Eibach springs, I think they can make the longer spings in a 5.2 rating, these will suit the early ĎSí model like mine with extended travel. I will keep everybody posted on what I finish up doing. The rear shock is back to its full travel so that should be good for me now. I also got an O-ring fitted to one of the fork legs so that I can monitor the amount of travel I getting on the front and identify if the forks have been bottoming or not.

Before I started work I had to fuel up for the journey so I made myself some Sesame Chicken with noodles and peppers to set me up for a long nights work

First up was the usual clean up. I detailed the shock and forks and fitted the forks with some WP Suspension Racing carbon look protectors, these make them look so much more sporty I'm sure you will agree .

I also got some TKC 80ís for the bike but am not going to fot them until the Pirelli Scopions are shot that are on it at the moment. The TKCís are great, they look very aggressive and the new 150 section dual compound rear is awesome. You cn really feel the differnet coumpunds too, the center being much harder than the edges.

I fitted the suspension and got it all torqued up to the correct values.

Then, now I had the front forks in I was able to finsh the tripple clamps up. I set them up true, took all the free play out of the steering bearings, torqued everything up and fitted the steering damper .

Since the entire exhaust system was off the bike I got a full set of new seals for the headers and the silencers.

I then fitted the headers loosely, it is imprtant to get the full exaust system in place loosely before you tighten everything up. This enables you to line up the mufflers correctly and ensure their isnít a build up of stresses in the pipes than could induce cracks and breakages as the exhaust heats and cools, in particular when you ride through water etc. and the pipe wants to contract as it cools .

Next I got the front brakes all finished up, put the pads back in, greased all the pins etc. and got them mounted on the bike ready to put the pipework back on.

I decided to run the lower fender on the front for a while as you only need the high fender in really muddy conditions (something we do not have in Texas in the summer!).

After draining the entire brake fluid from the remainder of the brake system I cleaned everything up and replenished the system with some racing fluid and bled it all up using a vacuum pump curtesy of a friend (Thanks Lucas - possibly a future ADV Rider here once the crotch rocket goes!).

Cleaned all the wheel spindles up and coated those in anti-seeze compound. Also removed the chain adjusters from the swing are and gave those some anti-seeze treatment also, it is very common for these to seeze up. Fitted the's a roller!!

Thatís was it for this evening, it is now getting on for midnight so time to call it a day. I have the day off work tomorrow so I hope to get a good bit done then.

It's taking shape now, expecially since it has wheels. I can roll it around now.

More to follow......................................
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