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Day 9: The big build up!

I started the day helping a friend to move into his apartment so didn't actually get started till 3pm. I started by getting the carbs and airbox all sorted and fitted up. I cleaned the lower and upper portions of the airbox and all of the parts that go with it.

I then carried out the modification to the carb vent hoses as stated on the Technical Bulletin. This just involved replacing the carb vent hoses and routing them properly.

I also carried out the TSB on the fuel pump vent hose. This one just verifies that the vent hose is routed correctly and kink free to ensure that the fuel pump does not corrode and contaminate your fuel. This was fine but worth chacking. I re-routed the pipe a little to ensure it will not be a problem in the future.

Got all the carbs assembled together as one unit, fed all the cabled through the air box and attached them all up. I tell you what, working on the carbs is definatley not a five minute job, it is very easy to get the pipes kinked on assembly and it is very important to take your time and observe everything as you install them.

One thing I found was that the lower clamps on the rubber mounts for the carbs, the side that clamps to the cylinder head, were at the end of their thread. In other words they would not tighten up anymore. Since the flange has a grove in it then I did not perceive this to be a problem, I tried to pull at the carbs and they were tight enough, I sure couldn’t get them off anyway! I got the carbs finished and verified eveything was working smoothly with no sticking cables or anything. Checked the clamps, hoses and rubbers were all fitted correctly...........

Its a good idea to cable tie the vent hose to the carb frame on left hand side to prevent the hose from rubbing on the linkage. Fitted a new air filter and refitted the snorkel and upper portion of the airbox.

Ooops, just realised I forgot to set the lock stops on the new tripple clamps, so I did this. I set them such that the forks were about 1/4" from the frame this should be enough to prevent the forks hitting the frame in a crash situation or hitting a tree in the woods

I then installed the rear sub-frame with the header to muffler link pipe and re-fitted the mufflers.

I took a picture of it with one muffler just to see what it would look like, I personally prefer the two however, I would like the weight saving advantage of just the one!!!

Once I had the entire exhaust system in position I lined up the mufflers and tightened them all up, then tightened the header pipes and left the the clamps between the headers and link pipes till last. It all fitted very snug and lined up perfect.

The oil tank, temperature control fan and radiator then needed re-fitting so I got all that little lot in place and checked that I had not misses any breather hoses etc. Everything looked good except I could not find where the plug is meant to sit for the fan. It has a little lug on it which suggests that it fits somewhere but could not find where for the life of me!

Well, it is getting close to the time where Orange parts are going to start and be re-fitted so I took the time out to wash the remainder of parts that have to be fitted to the bike. Took then all outside and gave them a good seeing to

Cleaned and fitted the headlight, gaurd and screen, although I think I need a new screen. It is cracked all over and one of the lower corners is smashed completley. I managed to get it all fitted up ok, but will keep my beads out for a new one (if anybody has one, please let me know, a standard one is fine).

Got some new parts today while I was at the KTM dealer. Replaced the broken mirror and fitted some new KTM handgaurds and renthal grips. I also had to get some new handles for the rear of the bike to save me running around with the luggage racks on when I don’t need the luggage.

That’s it! Just waiting for some Loctite 648 to arrive so that I can do the Ignition Rotor TSB before I fill the bike with oil. Then re-fit all the panels and bits and bobs and we should be somewhere near, back soon…………………………………………….
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