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Well today is a report writing frenzy! Its either writing this or THIS!!

I know which one I'd choose here it is!

Today started with the appearance of some Loctite 648 in my post box!

I needed this to do the ingnition rotor Technical Service Bulletin and this was first on my list of jobs for today. I pulled the bike to a spot where I had good light and popped the bike onto its side-stand so that when you are washing components all the waste runs out and doesn’t stay in the motor.

Firstly I disconnected the wiring around the ignition cover and moved it out of the way, after draining the water out of it (the wiring that is!!) .

I then removed the cover. The TSB says the breather hose has to be removed but to save you replacing the clip and loosing the KTM one (which you need a special tool to install a new one the same) you can disconnect the breather hose at the other end (at the airbox) and feed the hose through. This will allow you to remove the casing easily without removing the KTM clip. I tied the case up with a piece of string to prevent the ignition wires getting pulled.

You can re-use the original gasket if you really want to, or can’t easily get a new one. They are steel reinforced so very robust and come off in one piece without leaving parts behind on the mating surface. Be careful not to loose the locating dowels or let them drop into the engine, they are only a loose fit.

I did a check to see what torque it would take to remove the old ignition rotor screws. The spec says 15Nm with Loctite 648 Retaining Compound but the factory didn’t put enough 648 on making the screws vibrate loose. Put it this way, I am extreemely glad I did this TSB before I used the bike. Two of the screws only took a torque of 5Nm to remove them and the remainder were 8Nm. I think I cought this just in time, they were very loonot very tight at all! Also, it's important not to remove them all at the same time, just one or two at a time or the whole thing falls apart! After looking at each screw you can see how little Loctite was on there, if any and the threads were covered in oil which suggests the threads weren’t sealed (not enough Loctite!).

I cleaned the threads with a wire brush to remove the small amount of Loctite that was there and cleaned the threads in the rotor and the screws with cleaning solvent.

I did not have an airline to blow the solvent from the hole so I got a piece of vent hose and blew down it, it worked for me and allowed the threads to dry out quicker, very important that they are clean .

A bit of Loctite on a small screw driver allows you to coat the thread in the hole and then smother the threads on the screws with the stuff (and don’t be shy!) just wipe off the excess when your done.

Got them all replaced and torqued up to the required setting of 15Nm.

Cleaned the mating surfaces and installed a new gasket and inserted the dowel pins. Put two new copper washers on the two ignition cover bolts that have them on (I don't thin this is esential but I had them so I did). Lined it up and screwed it on, torque settings for cover bolts are 10Nm.

Threaded the breather hose bach through the frame and hooked it up to the airbox.

EASY! I left the bike for 6hrs before starting it since this is how long it takes to set to at least 50% of its full strength. Had lots of other stuff to do anyway.

I cleaned all the screens even though they were pretty spotless, not bad to say the bake had done 3000 miles since its last service.

Refitted them all to factory specs. A spot of oil on the new filter rubber to prevent the chance of it tearing on installation and off she popped right back in.

Replaced the filter and screen covers after I had cleaned them all and inspected the seals. Drain plugs cleaned, refitted and torqued up. Filled her up with oil, 2.75ltrs for starters and will top it off once I’ve had her running.

Got some new coolant……..

I came to refit the tanks and saw that the vent hoses were looking a bit poorly and one of them was kinked so bad that I couldn’t even blow through it. So, I replaced those with some nice new and then refitted the tanks and plumbed up the pipework.

I then installed the remainder of the panels, polised and waxed them all and installed the Renazco seat .

I just remembered that I had forgotten to fix the center stand. The stand just stuck it position wherever you placed it (it was seized!) so I stripped it down and sorted it out. Usual, no grease and lots of grime in the bushings. I had to remove them with a hammer and drift, that’s how tight they were !


Cleaned up……….

Greased up………..

Refitted it with some medium strength Loctite, torqued it all up and it works like new

Now when you push the bike from its stand, the stand springs up to its stowed position, just as it should .

Finished installing bits and pieces here and there and I have to say the bike is looking almost complete. I have not received the Touratech Bash Plate yet so I will have to refit the stock one for now. However, I will wait until I have run the bike up and checked for any leaks etc.

Well, posting this now (quickly!) as its pretty long and I lost the last one when damn computer crashed!!

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