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Day 10: Continued................

Well itís that time "Fire in the hold!!", fingers in your ears, time to wake the neighbours .

Tried it with no choke, nothing, choked it and off she went although when I turned the chike off the revs remained fairly high. This may just be some fine tuning needed with the carbs, may need another half turn on the mixture screw. I will take the bike for a spin first and check the jetting in all conditons.

Quick checks for leaks, none, excellent ! Topped the oil off, it took almost 3.2lts all together when it should only take 3lts, but then again I drained everything fully and left it sat for days with the drain plug out so itís probably about right. A re-built engine/system always takes more than just a quick oil and filter change.

Ride Time!!!!!

Got some gear on and jetted off down the road .

Oh my, oh my, oh my big smiley grinÖÖ.WOW! this is a completely differnet bike now!

Before, when I first got the bike, it was very unsmooth below 4000rpm so you had to keep the revs up by changing down at slower speeds. One of the first things I noticed was that I could cruise along at 3000rpm comfortably, nice!

Next up was the bottom end acceleration. As low as 2500rpm, snap the throttle open and away she goes pulling hard and so smooth. Then the mid range acceleration, well, I think it could be a little bit rich, it just seems to have a slight wet hollow when you snap the throttle open at the mid range in the higher gears.

Constant cruise couldnít be better, so sweet and smooth I could ride it all day long .

Top end is superb but the last 500rpm seems hard work for it. I think the jetting is near, the pipe colour looks good and rides really nice, night and day better than before. I think another half turn on the mixture screws to richen it up on idle should stop it hanging onto the revs after you blip the throttle. Other than that, Iíll have to take it to the dyno and get it dialed in just perfect everywhere .

Oh yes, and the popping on overrun...........not existant, just the thundering deceleration of the big twin, its so nice, I love it! That dodgy pipe from the botch of an SAS removal and the loose carb must have contributed to the popping as expected early on.

Also, everybody said these bikes power wheelied in second gear on the forum but mine didnít when Steve delivered it . I just thought maybe you guys were trying to wheelie and yanking on the bars or something to make it happen . Now snap on the throttle and up she comes, smooth as anything and so contollableÖÖ..Iíll have to stop myself or else !!!

I returned to base a couple of times to tweek the supension and got it very close for fast road riding but I may have to softem it up a bit for the mucky stuff.

Oh yes, the Renazco seat, that is the difference between night and day on these bikes and I would highly recommend anybody to buy one, quality product and extreemely comfortable. My seat height with the tall suspension and Renazco is now 38.5" sat on the wheels and 40" on the center stand. This ones for taaaaaaaaaaaaall people only!!

The steering (20mm offset), well, very smooth, controlable and responsive enough for the street. I guess the larger offset and damper will come into itís own on the high speed dirt and sand, I canít wait to try it .

Well thats about it, almost there, still trying to get some new wheels, new disks and fit the crash bars once the jetting is finished with.

One last thing, after a good old clear up in the garage I found this spring on the floor but have no idea where it is from. Anybody know? It canít be that importantÖcan it !!!

Well I've done all this and soon I will be able to go and get it all muddy, cos thatís what they were built for right?!? Keep an eye out for my ride reports and lots of pics pics pics. I will keep posting as the bike develops.

It's now 3:00 in the morning and I have been writing this stuff for 6 hours now, and having a few obviously!

Thanks for reading and thanks for all your kind remarks and comments via the thread, private messages and emails. It was a pleasure sharing the experience with you all!

One last thing..........

Safe riding partners ,

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