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Good morning everybody. Thank you all, I'm a lot better today, all is well.

I didn't get to bed 'till 0030 so I slept in today.

The other day I took notes, so I had my notes and the faxed copies Steve sent around me most of the time.

This is the old one.

As soon as I tryed to remove the first bolt, the bike fell off of the stand, pivoting on the wheel and sling.

Bending the mounting plate.

So I removed all the fairing stuff needed and it off, bent it out and put it back on.

I tried the line up the new one with just this and my eye, I couldn't do it to the point I felt good about it.

So I asked and got a heat gun, to remove the old shaft.

The new shaft looks SO much better than mine!

Alvin came by

And wouldn't leave until the final drive was on. I could not have mounted all the heavy stuff with out him. He gave up his Saturday on this holiday weekend. He told his wife Tammy he was going out for coffee when he saw me working, stopped in and stayed till 2300, a good 4+ hours I guess.

God bless him and his family.

The new tranny had a small issue.

Alvin got a file, then mixed up a tiny bit of JB weld to fill in the missing metal. (note to self for later)

This is how I left her last night.

Don came by at 2330, having been working on the bus all day and asked me out to coffee and toast. I last saw food was at 0600 yesterday and 6-8 cherries at 2030. I wasn't hungry, but I knew it was something I needed.

I met Merv.

Merv has Huntington's disease, a fatal neuro/musc condition. He has been properly diagnosed x 6 years. A rare condition, and often misdiagnosed at first. He has watched he father and two brothers die the way he will die.

He used to run a carpet cleaning business. He told me that he used to have problems with his anger and took it out on his wife and she left him. He said he was very sorry and that he was happy she had found happiness. He gets along with his kids today.

His friends here made him this walking stick (carver "Merv" in it also) and he gathers bottles for the deposit so that he can go to Huntington's Dz Camp each year.

Any extra money he gets goes to his 10 year old cousin (said Don after we parted) with Leukemia to help play for kemo.

He said tell you this.

"No matter how bad you think your life is, there is always someone in worse condition than yourself", Swervin' Mervin

Well, I'm outta here to work on the bike. Take care all.

As for parts, I think I'm still good there, I plan to leave tomorrow if all goes well.

Nana korobi ya oki

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter "- Dr Seuss
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