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Originally Posted by USBYGS
Rode yesterday from Lincoln city to Bend and picked up a new tire in Salem on the way. Great service - I took off the wheel, they put the new one one ($10 mount and balanced) and I was on the road, less than an hour. Very warm ride to Bend, lots of JohnLaw on the road. Rode easy and was starting to go into that warm weather zone...

I was following a car, just on auto-pilot, when out of a turn-out came a herd of Harlies (I like the spelling). They were like hooked together and once one started out the rest followed... The car in front of me almost had to come to a stop before one there was a break in the chain. I mean, none of them looked, they just started pulling out. The one that broke the chain was paddle walking his bike up to the main road and about dropped it when he saw the car right there.

So, anyway, I suddenly perked up like I had just mainlined a RedBull and yelled "PYLONS!!!". I had been following this car in front of me for quite a while and was content. Without even thinking, I blipped the throttle and went around the car and put my front tire almost up a straight pipe... I might have been a little close to the back of the chain but I wanted to make sure they saw me and knew that I was not one of them.

Okay, so I really am not doing anything rude or viscious. I was suddenly in a game of some kind. I noticed the last link I was following seemed like a decent couple, so I gave them a little room. Judging from the sound, he was working it pretty hard to create some room, so I slowed down to give him the illusion that he was going faster. I had to keep in mind that the cops were pretty thick today so passing would be done legal. No right sides, no pulling up next to them in the same lane, no slalom runs, no double yellows.

There are numerous short passing lanes so I take them one, two, or three at a time. Each time there is the same response. Their bike gets louder, and they get slower. Just as long as it saves lives, right? They were a well trained group as far as group riders go. Nicely staggered and spaced. It was actually pretty amusing because whenever I passed one or more and squeezed into the line they reformed the stagger. I was so amused by them re-staggering that I almost wanted to pass one at a time just for the visual in the rearview of them swapping sides of the lane... Almost.

I finally made it to the front of the pack - behind the "leader". I don't think he wanted me to pass. He slid one way then the other - not sure of what I was gonna do. He did stay in his lane and was making sure I was not going to try until another straight away. He was like a nervous wreck, twitching and bobbing around. Damn, I sure miss my videographer on the back 'cuase this was some good stuff (Gina is riding with her parents to Bend in the truck so she didn't have to deal with the tire change). This "leader" was actually starting to freak me out with his convulsing body movements. For safety reasons only, I made a double yellow pass. See ya. Now relax and enjoy the ride.
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