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Carb Settings and replies!

KTM Moto.

Carburettor settings vary so much depending on location, altitude, humidity, temperature etc etc. They also vary from bike to bike (very slightly) SO......It is almost impossible to think that you can take somebody elses settings and it will be right. I am firm believer of setting bikes up properly using a Dyno, however, I have done this so many times in my racing years that I know roughly what to feel for and what to do to put it right. It will be close but I guarantee you I will be changing something to get it even better on paper when I put it on the dyno. I also set it a little rich before going to the dyno, just to be on the safe side. Sorry to shatter your hopes of a good setup. Once I have been to the dyno I will post figures and settings along with location, altitude, temperature and humidty etc. Watch this space!


Thanks for the Info, I actually went searching last night about it and found the stuff. Man, I would love to go but need to find somewhere nearby that has rooms available. Red Lion booked up! Also, it's 1660 miles for me to get there, so if anybody is going from Texas or knows of anybody going from Texas and wants to ride with (or drive with), let me know.


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