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July 1, 2006

I spent another weekend at my cabin doing some riding and much needed relaxing. I went for a ride Saturday and have some new photos to share.

I left my place at around 10:00 a.m. I thought I would start the day by riding down to Woodstock to visit some friends, then do some quiet back roads riding, and finish the day on some old town "roads". I use the term "road" loosely, as they barely qualified as roads.

The road heading out from my place.

I hit the paved roads and headed for Woodstock. On the way I stopped in Quechee to take a picture of the covered bridge.

I zipped down the street to take a peek at The Quechee Gorge. I went out on the bridge a snapped a couple pics.

Looked likes a pretty far drop to me. 165 ft I think.

My next stop was to run up to the "Floating Bridge" in Brookfield. It is a bridge that, well... floats. It is pretty cool. I usually try to get over once a year to see it.

On my way up from Woodstock to Brookfield I took Rt. 12. This brought me on the backside of the bridge. I now have to ride across to get back home. I had my suspicions that the bridge (made of wood) was going to be slicker than shit to go across on a bike. Note all the folks on the bridge. On the right, halfway down there were a group of Harley guys that really got a kick out of my "water crossing". I walked out on the bridge to check out the surface.

About halfway across here. See that slime on the tracks? Yup, very slippery. So I take a couple of pictures and hop back on the bike for a hopefully smooth crossing. As soon as I approach, everyone on the bridge turns to watch me cross. Great. Public humiliation. I need this.

I am crossing... not too bad... pretty good wake... Whoa! A little sideways there... okay, better keep the feet ready to paddle... Whoa! A little sideways there again...

...and he makes it across upright.

Even the Harley dudes took out their cameras to take my picture. I saw some dude on a yellow DR650 (kindred spirit) in Woodstock. And I saw two folks on KLRs in Bethel. Actually, I saw quite a few dualsports out this weekend.

From Brookfield, I headed back over to my neck of the woods and stopped at the North Tunbridge Store to get a drink. My trusty steed parked across from the store.

It was time to hit the woods. The first road I went on was a small dirt road that turned into this for a few miles. Just as my map indicated. Awesome.

I ran into a few bridges like this one here.

to be continued...
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