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Just a nother day in paradise well all most.

Pyndan I just though I'd tell you about the 950's. I bought one saturday and road it home 180 mile in the dang rain. Taking it easy and braking it in and geting use to it. Next day took it all a part and pulled all the epa stuff off and set the carbs, set the suspension to the book. Got every thing close and thin tune it to me. I have about 350 on it since saturday and about twenty of it off road, about ten dirt roads and the other ten trails. On the dirt roads this thing was mother beautiful, on the tails if it was hard pack it did all right, sand well it will get yu there. Wet sand pertty good and then there mud and this is about what that turn in to the stock front tire just ball up and quit. The back tire on the other hand did about as good as a 3/4 wore out nob. I did all most all the trail on it and road it 140 mile up and back to get there. Well thats about 95% good in my book. Now its not near a fun as a dirt bike. But I'll get to ride it a lot more and if I can keep my DL with this bad boy it will be a wonder. You know I think I seen you were in dallas. I'm down on the coast but every year I go out to terlingua in big bind out in west texas and ride dirt bikes for a week are so.
Will I've made freinds from all over and they come out at drifent times and ride with me out there. Well this year some guy I know and I are talking about riding all the way out there and back and taking ever back road we can find and camping all the way. If you thank you might like something like this let me know and we'll go from there.
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