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From Bend the in-laws rode to Hell's canyon (upper part) with us and camped by a Lake where the 4th Fireworks were shot over. Pretty cool. On the run there we stopped in Mitchell to see Henry. Last time we saw him he was about 300lbs. He is now 600lbs. Timing is everything. Gina and Kit both got to feed Henry slices of apple. From there mouth - face to face - Henry took the apple from their lips with his jaws, gentle as can be, with a little tongue action. Did I mention that Henry is a BLACK BEAR!!! Gotta see the video. One of those things you say after the fact "What did I just do?"

We parted in the morning and made a run for Lewiston and Lolo. Just past Lewie I developed a pulsing vibe in 6th gear at 70mph... What the... It bothered me until we hit Montana and it was gone. No blood - No foul I guess. Lolo was specatular as usual and we ended the day in Bozeman. 4 states in one day is pretty good by my standards.

Dinner at Bozeman was at the Cat Paws Bar-Casino-Fine Dining. A guy at the campground sent us over. Gina was wondering if it was a Gentleman's Club. No such luck. $1.25 Guiness, $6.00 four piece chicken dinner, 15 TV's with sports - my kind of place.
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