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Originally Posted by Trevor S
I think he needs it to get around in that shed Don't mind me, I have penis... err shed envy.. I have 2 SQ M or so in the corner of the garage I am allowed to use.
A mechanic who plugged my car tire said he used to work at a golf course, and they would remove the voltage regulator so that, well, he said they will reach 30mph w/out the regulator! With those bouncy tires and being top-heavy they are unstable at their normal speeds; so he said they are a blast at higher speeds. Occasionally someone would forget to put the regulator back in and a customer would get one... usually ended up in a water trap.

I think it would be a waste of time not to remove the regulator in this case. Just to get from one side of the shed to the other at normal golf cart speeds must be agonizing!
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