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WTF stands for...

Where The F are we? What The F were you thinking? When The F are we gonna get there? Why The F did you go that way? Whatever The F...

We made it the first day to Norfolk, Nebraska. Just barely. Griz ain't quite saddle broke yet and Jimbo has a hard time with the stopping schedule. Riding formation is no formation. Get as spread out as possible so we don't complain about the other's riding or pipes... When Griz and I get our bike within 200 feet the pipes get in harmony and, well, it may sound cool, but you can only handle it for so long.

We ended having dinner with some other sign artists, including The One who did Griz's paint on his bike. Marv and Mary Beth offered up their renovated farm house for the night. SWEET! A nice bed and shower. What a guy.

The morning found us at Stocky's for breakfast. Oh - my - God... That is what we said when the food got to the table and then 16 miles down the road at the rest stop. That really pushed things throught the pipes. Grease it up and Get 'er done! Good stuff and what a great guy. Stocky's waitress and back up cook was none other than his Ma. I am not kidding, she must have been a good 80 years old and was slavin' over the grill and bringing drinks to the table. Yeah, it took her a while to get to the table - especially balancing plates of food on her arm, but it was worth the wait and the look of satisfaction on her face while we ate.

As we left, some bird of prey came off the side of the road, slowly gaining altitude, and was crossing in front of us. I was gonna slow down but he was gonna clear us by a couple of feet so I kept rolling for a close up view of this big bird. As we were about to go under it, he dropped his breakfast! He had a gopher in his talons and release it for a perfect hit on the bill and headlight cover! Now Gina thinks we scared it and it released it to climb higher faster. Well, I think this bird is not afraid of anything. It just wanted its breafast tenderized, not pulverized, by a vehicle just our size. It worked.

We holed up early afternoon to wait for a storm to pass that we were catching up to. Some small town under the eaves of an vacant and delapitated building (built in 1903). Pretty cool situation. A old local came over to chat, had two canes, wore coveralls, moved pretty slow, and new the history of the building. He swapped words with Griz, using some local slang that was rather amusing.

The heat and humidity caught up with us in Chochillate or something like that and we bagged it for a room. First time this trip we got a room. You know what that mean... No, that was not what I meant. Beer and snacks in front of the TV. Gotta catch up on the news.

We are at Jim's sister in-laws for an ice tea in Springfield and getting ready to hit the road. Check in with ya'll later...
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