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Cheap rim milling

I chucked my rear rim sans tire back on the bike. On the centerstand, in 2nd gear, I easily removed a good portion of the safety bead with just a bastard file, followed up by a smooth file and then progressivley finer sandpaper until I had it mirror smooth. Took about 45 minutes and makes it much easier to get really stiff tires like the 908RR on and of in a jiffy. Still have prob 50% of the bead left. No lube ever needed for on and off tire changing.

The centerstand method works just fine, I can debead and change the tire in pretty quick order, esp when the black flies are out. Rinding on a flat just to break the bead seems like asking for trouble and just plain lazy. Mill the bead off and ride on. Can't take credit for the technique, read about it here.
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