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Originally Posted by VintageThumper
So... Given that it's so damn hard to break the bead on these things, does removing that extra, bead supporting, ridge on the rim make it easier?
Yes..but not recco because of the danger in a sudden flat. The pre-2005.5 are the worst, and its just the rear that's a problem. I have an 04 and simply took the tire off and remounted empty rim on the bike. Then I fired her up in 3rd gear like a lathe and used a hand file to grind about 1/4 of the safety bead off all round. It took about a half hour. Then I took a little more off about 6" long on the right side opposite the valve hole and marked the rim. I squirt a little WD40 in there and my bead breaker does the rest. I've never had it flat on the trail, but I practiced alot in my garage. I couldn't do it until I ground off some safety bead. I understand the 2005.5's are easier; about like any street bike to break.
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