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Rode test

spelling intentional

well, i can say with personal knowledge that california is damn hot!

530 mile weekend, 320 yesterday, still not on reserve on the dakar tank, either. damn i like that.

over a hundred almost the whole way, and the rectifier was cooler than i.

nice bright light, no dimming instruments at idle, never did get a chance to run the heated vest or grips, sorry.

engine off, 12.5 volts
at idle, it was 12.8 volts.
anything above 1500, 13.5v
running, and mind you i live where straights are hard to find, rpms are all over the place, it went from 13.5 to 14.2. some of you are saying 14.1 all the time and i wonder a bit about that. not too much.

but holding 70mph for hours this weekend the voltage on my 276c readout did vary in that range. seems to me a hot setup should be stable? yes i have a ground wire, yes i checked it. i do tech support, hit me with your best shot!

the old beeyatch ran fine. there is a definite whine, but not annoying.

thanks for the help

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