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Made it to Vermont!

Where to start... WTF is living up to its namesake. Everyday is an adventure. Griz is now saddle broke. Jim now removes his helmet when we stop, and we picked up Ptero (aka Logistics aka Reid). We triangulated with the cell phones and met up in Ark. The roads have been outstanding, the weather hot and wet (not rain).

Before meeting up with Reid we were cruzin' on hwy 14 in northern Ark hooking up some big and small sweepers and watching for deer. Griz was somewhere in the future, Jim trailing us taking in the sights. All the corners were marked with speed suggestions and we could about double them. All the corners except one...

So, USBYGS came rolling into the corner and it tightened up real quick... Well, we just heeled her over hard and seemed okay until the grind of saddle bag on pavement! I let her grind for a second or so until I saw the other lane was clear and let her up and used both lanes to finish the corner. Those black bags have a very shiny spot on the front corner now!

The damage aside, we felt good about the fact that there was no panic from either of us, no adrenaline rush, and that we navigated out of that one okay. I was disappointed only by the fact that I misjudged the corner.
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