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Riding an HP2 today...

Set up a demo ride today. We saw one of these at Deals Gap and the young rider went out of the parking lot sliding sideways, wheel spinning, and shot out onto the road and disappeared into the Dragon's Tail. Way cool.

So, we decided that we had enough of the heat and humidity and turned out nose north and east. Off to the Blue Ridge and Deals Gap. We were directed to some outstanding roads by Bogarts BMW in Alabama and the weather cooled off for us.

The Gap was not too crowded but always a little intimidating with all the bikes and cars. Gina and I rode about 3/4 of the way in and found a spot to park for taking pictures. Griz and Ptero rode the whole thing in and out. You just have to know your own limits and watch for oncoming... Oh yeah, keep an eye on you six and let the rockets by because they will pass you anyway (nothing can startle you more than a screaming inline four running by off your left within inches of you). There were some fast cars running the road too (Cobra for example). The roads going into and out of the Gap are almost as good.

As always, you have to pylon some iron so you can throughly enjoy the ride. We cruised a bout 50 mi. of the BR Parkway before we bailed and hit some faster roads. I can't even begin to tell you about all the great riding roads we did that day.

I did feel pressured to represent when I was out front and came up on a high $$ custom chopper and two baggers. The rest of the gang was a car back and we were trying to enjoy the twisty mountain roads. As we came up to this trio the two baggers were leading the chopper. The chopper was really accelerating hard on the short straights but slowing way down into the corner. We were coming into the corner faster and were right on his pipes coming out of the corner in case we could pass. The noise was deafening. The group was riding real tight and the chopper did not want me to pass. One small chance I had the chop slid over the center line so I could not. Well, needless to say, my adrenaline was now pumping. Gina said "screw this, get around his ass". So, we stayed tight on him until we were coming up to a corner, he slowed and in second gear, we went from 4000 rpms to 7000+ before I could even think about it and sqeezed in btw the chop and the bagger. I mean SQUEEZE. It was tight and I almost nerfed the bagger. Now we are having fun!

The chopper was shaking his hand - fist - whatever at us according to Griz. My focus was on the baggers in front. We made short work of the baggers with Griz watching our six. As we past the last (first) bagger we came around a corner to an intersection where a heard of iron was preparing to pull out. The first one pulled out, as the second one started without looking, I laid on the horn. Dude stopped pretty quick in the other lane, almost dropped his ride, and backpeddled as we rolled by. (Griz rolled by the pack in one swoop, and he wanted to make sure you all knew that.)Man this riding stuff is fun. Combat Touring at its best. WTF, I need go ride an HP2. Hope you all are having as much fun as we are!
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