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Thanks, Meat, for the (bleep)ing indexing work, and to all the other contributers.

A couple of quick thoughts:
  • In terms of organisation/order, follow the KTM manuals? That is, split engine/chassis matters as they do, and use the same order...assuming KTM is consistent between years and models in their printed matter.
  • This is the internet, grasshopper! We aren't restricted to one ginormous index. For example, how about a "n00b's index" with simple stuff like the basic setups, Flanny's carb guide, some of the obvious n00b questions that crop up. It can have stuff culled from the full index, or even simply be the full index with everything not wanted cut out of it, so edit time is reduced and it retains the same look'n'feel.
  • If the index gets too big, each section can be a smaller separate post, with an "index index" listing links to each post.
Anyway, like I said, some quick thoughts. Feel free to tell me they suck!

I'm definitely keen for the thread title to be used as the text of the hyperlink: KTM LC4 (640) Thread Index is much less user-hostile than That in itself would likely alleviate some of the I-looked-in-the-index-but-couldn't-find-it pleas for help.
KTM LC4 640 Question? Check here first --> KTM LC4 (640) Index Thread
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