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tank guards--latest version

just had a burst of enthusiasm---sorry to keep you all waiting---just taken the first set of the mark 3s out of the moulds and fitted them--be warned silicon really sticks --the old ones were a real pain to remove and can even pull paint off if you dont "slice" carefully through the silicon with a "plastic" knife.

brief description--two layers of carbon plus a chopped strand backing, poly resin, acrylic lacquered for finish--but they are a garage product and my vacuum bagging is not the best--so there is the odd blemish. The hole for the petcock is small and fiddly--but retains strength--I don't know how the carbon will take a direct hit in the petcock area--so can't guarantee that it will save you if you are really unlucky. Moulds were taken from a 2mm wax coated tank allowing for guard thickness--there are lots of curves so getting a super fit is damned difficult--plus if I totally enclosed the petcock you wouldn't be able to get the pipe off. Carbon can be trimmed easily with a Dremil type diamond wheel--so you can (with a round mini sander) open up the petcock hole as well as change the curves--but only take away carbon--I can't grow the moulds any more.

Rough cost will be about $120---I've invested a lot of time and effort --and materials-- to get this far. Carbon is getting expensive--aero industry is gobbling it up. I can use other kevlar/carbon weaves etc if I can source it in small quantities. This is a personal quest, not a production line--so I can only get to it in the odd evening etc. I would prefer to make them on request and just ask for a small deposit to cover postage and a bit of material-- with the balance on receipt and satisfaction--otherwise returned at your cost--trust is paramount--I'm well aware that my quality is not up to the professional outfits standards-hence I wouldn't ask for full payment unless you are satisfied--but these guards will mask most scratches and can be replaced if you do it again!

I'll try and add a couple of pics and answer any questions.

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