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Originally posted by epfister
Nice work JimO - we're ready for an encore!

Although personally after 10K miles, I don't have a problem with the stock screen or seat, irregardless, you put together a great format that that can be used as a template for future FAQs.

In addtion to product reviews, the format will work great for Wrench Retard faqs, - I was thinkin about that Valve adjustment FAQ - The pics are there and some good comments on that thread ....

A FAQ on throttle adjustment would be good, ABS breek bleeding (fluid change), Clutch fluid change etc....

It's great to see the site grow... (No I'm not volunteering for now).
epfister, some great ideas.

On a possibly related note, I think we do need to be careful not to duplicate work that might be elsewhere on the web. There are a few great sites. I saw a brake bleeding FAQ recently with four or five different ways of doing it however it may not have gone into sufficient detail. I think it might have been MicaPeak.

As a first step, perhaps we can collect some links and add these to our FAQ and then decide which topics are missing or weak and develop these ourselves. We may also want to save some of the work at other sites in case those site disappear.

I'd be willing to take the collected links and put them into our FAQ but i'm sorry to say that your topics would too technical for me to develop.

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