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When I woke up, it was raining. I should get used to this, because it rained on me every day. Another thing I had to get used to is all that daylight! I thought it was about 8:00 pm and it was actually 12:30 am. I better put the bottle down and get some sleep. I didn`t actually have a route plan, or any plan. Wherever my bike takes me, I`m there. I left Valdez and headed north. Next thing I know, I`m getting gas in Paxson and I`m headed west across the Denali Highway. The Denali Highway is a 135 mile gravel road and your completly on your own. This turns out to be one of the biggest highlights of my trip. Even though it rained on me, it was one of the most scenic and exciting rides I ever undertook. I admit that I was really nervous because I was alone and have no experience in fixing a flat tire or repairing a bike if it broke down on me. I always have had good luck in that deptartment (so far). Again, I had no idea what to expect? I`m so glad I got to experience the Denali highway.

I couldn`t begin to describe the feeling of traveling on this road. It was incredible. About 5:00 pm or so I came across the Gracious House. . A lodge thats located about fifty miles or so from Cantwell,AK. Has I was sitting there in front of the lodge and having a smoke break and checking out the scenery, this lady comes walking out of the restaraunt and asked me if I was a part of the AK Rider group tour thats supposed to come through and stay overnight in their cabin. No, I wasn`t, but I wanted to say, yeah, that me! I told her no, and even though this bike comes from AK Rider, I`m not on a group tour. Just on my own with my tent.

The lady just informed me that she just got done baking a fresh hot apple pie and if I would like to come in and have a slice. Um, now that you have mentioned it, I am kinda hungry, tired, cold, and wet. She proceeded to tell me that they have a full service restaraunt, cabins for rent for $140, or I could pitch my tent behind the bar for $10. I decided to pitch my tent behind the Sluice Box. That was after I ate two big bowls of chili and a slice of apple pie ala mode.

After dinner and pitching my tent. I made my way to the Sluice Box for a few beers. I didn`t stay up too late. I actually went to sleep a little early. The Gracious House really surprised me, it`s an oasis out in the middle of nowhere. Their electricity is ran off of generators that run 24 hours a day. They have everything there, even a flight seeing operation, two planes and one float plane with another campground that`s really secluded. Did I mention that the views were incredible? Here are a couple of short videos of the Denali Highway. Just expeirmenting with my camera, sorry no sound. Not really worth watching either. I like them though.

Video 1:

Video 2:
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