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This was a very long day. Has I said, I have no plans. Whatever happens, happens. Nor did I keep track of daily milage or cost. I woke up at the Gracious House and had a big hearty breakfest, and settled my final bill. I got on the road and finished up the Denali Highway trip. I wanted to go back and do it over again, unfortunetly that didn`t happen.

Towards the end, near Cantwell. I ran into two germans who were riding what else GS1200 adventure BMW`s (well, one of them was, don`t know what the other BMW was?). They barely spoke english. They shipped their bikes all the way over from Germany to ride Alaska, but they wouldn`t tell me where they were heading. I believe they said Dawson City, but they wouldn`t tell me what their plans are or anything else. We got to talking and it was just funny in what they were telling me. They were telling me that my bike is junk and I should buy a BMW F650 Dakar. Normaly I would take offense to this but since it wasn`t my bike, and knowing that I already fell off once (that would have cost big bucks on a BMW) I thought the KLR was perfect for me. Can`t hurt it and it`s inexpensive. I just thought it was funny that they kept telling me that I needed to buy a BMW. Germans.

I got to Cantwell and decided to fuel up. One thing that kinda struck me about Alaska, are the convience stores. There are none when your out of the big towns. All I saw were the Tesoro gas stations, some had empty shelves and others were catured to tourist. But I never could find what I needed, except for the major things like water, gas, and smokes. Better have what you need before you leave Anchorage. I headed north up the Parks highway. I stopped in at the Denali Park and rode for a few miles before I turned around.

I didn`t get hardly any photo`s this day. Think maybe I forgot about my camera? I can`t really explain about what happened but when I got back to the Parks Highway, I just hauled ass for the longest time. I made it to Fairbanks. I was supposed to stop there and maybe go to the Arctic circle. I didn`t do it, I kept going. I even shot past the Santa Clause House, and I wanted to stop there. O`well. I don`t know what it was, I got to Fairbanks and I just wanted to keep rolling. No offense to anyone, but I just wanted to get back out of town. I pretty much didn`t stop for anything that day untill I got to the Motorcycle campgrounds (Thompsons Eagle Claw) on the Tok Cut-off in Tok. I had a few surprises before I got to Tok. I was traveling behind a white station wagon. The wagon driver saw a moose & calf standing on side of road and he blared his horn. Next thing I know, the moose comes charging out onto the road, almost like it was saying "who said that?" and started to charge at me. I had to slam on the brakes and do the worlds fastest 180 on a bike. When I looked back, the cow ran off into the woods chasing after her calf. Dang, that was too close. I never did see that station wagon again. I am looking for him! About twenty minutes later in the Tanacross Flats, I had a couple of moose that ran out right in front of me. I`m not making this up!! I rode right between the two of them. Believe me, I wanted to break and do another 180, but I couldn`t stop in time. I should have held out my hands and slapped the both of them has I went by. When I did stop, I wanted to take a picture of them two, one of them got mad at me, ears were flat on it`s head and started to trot towards me. Yeah, call me a coward. Screw the camera, screw the picture, I`m out of here. I found the motorcycle campgrounds (which wasn`t to hard) and I went to pitch my tent. The owner came out and told me I could use the teepee he had set up since he wasn`t having very much business, for the same price has tent camping, $10. Even though this campground has no showers, this is a very nice place! He set up a bath station to where you can fill up and heat a small tub of water so you could clean yourself up if you wish. I was very impressed with this campground. Alot of woodwork, very clean, and a great host. I highly recommend this place to anyone. Thompsons Eagle Claw Motorcycle campgrounds.

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Renting Alaska:

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