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Today is a good day to ride to Chicken,AK. I made quick work with the Taylor highway, That was alot of fun with all the sweepers, curves, and hills. I shot past alot of RV`s has if they were standing still. There were remnents of a huge forest fire that was going on, a few smoldering places and the forest was burnt black. I saw an airplane do a nose dive right above one of the fires. I couldn`t see if it dropped anything but I think it did. It was really cool watching it dive into the valley below me then pop out right above my head. Sorry, didn`t have my camera ready for that one. I thought Chicken was really neat, but on the other hand it`s just another tourist trap.

There`s a cannon inside the saloon. I`ve heard that durring the nightly festivities in the bar, they will shoot womens unmentionables across the bar. I would have liked to have seen that one, but I have miles to cover.

And of course, I had to go chicken sledding. Poor little chickens.

I would have liked to travel over the Top of the World Highway to Dawson but I just didn`t have the time. Of course the gravel road out of Chicken is just has spectacular. I guess?

I went back to the campgrounds and picked up my luggage and proceeded to haul butt to Anchorage but I only made it to forteen miles west of Glenallen at a Campgrounds. The Tok-cut off was a nightmare. One construction zone after another. You would finally get free of one and travel for maybe half a mile then there is another construction zone. It wouldn`t be so bad, but in Alaska (I`m no expert here) they close off the entire road and make you wait for a half hour for a fifteen mile an hour pilot car/truck.

And more construction zones.

I was finally able to safetly take a few photo`s of a moose & her calf while on the Tok cutoff.

Has I said, I only made it to Glenallen that day. I have a RV campground book and the book gave excellent marking for this campground just west of Glenallen. Maybe it was my mood after all that construction, but I give that campground low markings. Not only the host were rude, but that place sure was full of skeeters. I didn`t have any problems with them though. I set up my tent and in I go. Coin operated showers too, better have enough change with you or you`ll end up with soap in your eyes. It would have been nice to have a 30 second warning before the water shut off.
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Renting Alaska:

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